Mattie Winston, RN, is a wryly cynical, politically incorrect, inherently nosy OR nurse who lives in the small Wisconsin town of Sorenson, a place where gossip is a valued commodity, brats are something you eat, and machismo is measured by the throw capacity of your snowblower.  When Mattie catches her surgeon husband in an empty operating room late one night with a coworker who is “vying for the title of head nurse,” Mattie quits her hospital job and her marriage, and goes to work for her gay best friend: medical examiner, Izzy Rybarceski.  Embarrassed and angered by her husband’s philandering antics, Mattie works hard to restore some semblance of normalcy to her life, but death–and a host of quirky characters–keep getting in the way.  And then there’s Detective Hunky…er…Hurley, the tall, dark haired, blue-eyed hunk of man meat who makes her hormones flare like a sunspot whenever he’s around.

Mattie’s very first case involves the murder of her husband’s paramour, and soon both she and her husband end up high on the suspect list. Can she redeem herself, clear her name, and find the real killer in time to keep herself from ending up on the autopsy table? You betcha!

To learn more about Mattie and the adventures she encounters in her new job, visit her web site at:  www.mattiewinston.com

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