What do you think?


Today Annelise got her first glimpse of the paperback cover for WORKING STIFF. It’s a little different from the hardcover version below, with brighter colors for the trim even though the basic picture is the same.  (I have a sneaking suspicion that those chalk body outlines are going to become a prominent part of my life.)  I’ve been told the goal with this cover was to come up with something that looked a little more fun and hip. What do you think…did they succeed?

Rumor has it the paperback version of WORKING STIFF will include a sneak peak at the next installment in the series, SCARED STIFF, which opens on one of the creepiest, scariest Halloweens I’ve ever had. Part of the horror came from the discovery of a real dead body amidst a display of fake ones. But far scarier was the blind date I was on. It was enough to make  lifelong celibacy seem like a very reasonable option.

Welcome to my world

cover2Welcome one and all to my online world, where the bodies don’t smell as bad and the blood doesn’t stick to the soles of your shoes.  It’s a place where men aren’t afraid of Amazon women and the only thing sharper than the scalpels is my sarcasm.

While you’re here, say hi to my creator, Annelise Ryan (she will pop in here from time to time to answer questions) and check out WORKING STIFF, available now in a bookstore near you.

I’m dying to hear (that’s coroner humor for you) your thoughts, comments and questions about my escapades as a Deputy Coroner, a nurse, or a woman scorned. So fire away. And stay tuned for news about the next book in the series, SCARED STIFF, coming your way in August 2010.