Too Busy…

Life got kind of crazy over the past four years with my pregnancy, my marriage to Hurley, and finding myself the current parent to both a toddler and a teenager. All that on top of my job has kept me too busy to post here. Sorry about that. But life goes on and it currently goes on in the new home Hurley and I built just outside of Sorenson, Wisconsin. I love the new house, though there are times when I miss the simplicity of the little cottage behind Izzy’s house. Not sure why I remember it as simple given that my life then was VERY complicated, but that’s how my brain works. I adore our two-and-a-half-year-old son, Matthew, even if he is prone to temper tantrums and pretending he’s Michelangelo all over the walls of the new house. And I also adore my teenage stepdaughter, Emily, a big surprise in both my life and Hurley’s. Turned out Hurley had an ex-wife named Kate I didn’t know about (although it also turned out she wasn’t actually an ex–snap!) and the two of them had a daughter that Hurley didn’t know about. Kate is now out of the picture, but Emily is with us and she has proven to be an invaluable member of our little family. It wasn’t an easy road getting here, however, as I’m sure you can imagine. Of course, you don’t have to imagine it; you can read all about it in the STIFF series of books. By the way, the books have taken on a new look and have a new title theme to go with it. It’s now the DEAD series instead of the STIFF series, but it’s still the same old me, just with artsier book covers.

Lest you think this state of parental and marital bliss has made life simpler, think again. I still have my job, though I now share it with a coworker who has a slight problem with bodily emissions, and Hurley is hinting around that he wants to have another kid! I’m not sure how I feel about that. But the case of a missing teenager who turns up dead, whose younger sister is also missing, will keep me from thinking about much else for a while. Find out how it all turns out in the next exciting adventure of my life: DEAD OF WINTER, coming out February 26, 2019.

(And is that cover utterly gorgeous or what? I love Wisconsin winters!)




BOARDSTIFFCOVERLife takes some interesting twists and turns in my latest adventure, highlighted in BOARD STIFF. And I get a peek into my future as I wade through the dozens of suspects who live or visit residents in the Twilight Home when its CEO is found murdered in a bathroom. These old folks know how to make life interesting and make the most of what they have left of it.

Things with Hurley take a few twists and turns, too, and our relationship gets very interesting by the end of this tale. Sometimes I think I must have pissed the Fates off somewhere in my past.

From bossy manipulative lawyers to ex-wives and children who come onto the scene unexpectedly, it’s life on the fly for me, figuring things out as I go and fielding all the stray hits life bats at me.

One thing is for sure…life will never be the same when all is said and done.

New adventures in store, for sure. What path will life take me down next?? At least it’s never dull and there’s no danger of anyone being bored stiff!

Hopefully you readers will agree. Come along for the ride and let me know what you think.


Oh, My…

I suppose one has to be at the bottom at times in order to see the top and I think I’m there. But things take a very interesting turn in my next adventure, and my relationship with Hurley takes on a whole new spin. Speaking of spins…I haven’t played the Roulette wheel in a while….~Mattie

Will I Get Lucky?

Lucky Stiff Mech.inddWith Hurley, that is. Rumor has it that things get pretty heated between me and Hurley in LUCKY STIFF and it has nothing to do with the house fire/homicide we investigate together. Only a few more days before we find out… ~Mattie

A Dating Question

Since I’m pretty  rusty on this dating game stuff, can someone tell me on which date it becomes acceptable to share those embarrassing bodily function noises? I think women will answer very differently from men. ~Mattie

The Cat is Out of the Bag

No, not Rubbish. I wouldn’t put Rubbish in a bag. But one of my biggest and best kept secrets is now exposed: my real first name. Yep, it’s Matterhorn. Can you blame me for trying to keep it under wraps? ~Mattie

Oh no…

It looks like my real first name is going to be revealed in FROZEN STIFF and now everyone will know. I can’t say I’m happy about it, but if anyone can guess what it is between now and August 15th, they might win one of several pretty cool prizes. Check it out at and in the meantime, I’m going to go find a big rock to hide under when the book comes out on August 30th.

Frozen Stiff

Frozen Stiff HC (3)

Seems fitting to get this cover preview for my next adventure now, as spring is trying to arrive here in Wisconsin and yet we have snow predicted for tomorrow. Sigh. Winter’s grip is a tenacious one in these parts.

Love the fact that Rubbish and Hoover made it onto the cover. Not wild about the fact that they seem to be contaminating my crime scene, however.  That should make for some interesting hair analysis. I love those boots, too, though I’d probably never be able to find any that would fit me. I doubt they come in a size eleventy-billion.

Look for the book to come out around the end of August, when snow and cold will be nothing but a distant memory.  ~Mattie

Frozen Stiff

The title of this post is both an apt description of my current surroundings and the title of the next book in the Mattie Winston series.  It is single digit highs around here lately and the lows make your nostrils stick together if you breathe in hard enough. Too bad the book isn’t coming out now because it fits perfectly with the season. Instead it will be released in August and maybe it will offer a “cool” diversion for the end-of-summer heat. And speaking of diversions, stay tuned for news about a fun new contest coming up soon and an update on Mattie’s future. ~Annelise Ryan

Autumn mental meanderings

There is no shade of blue more gorgeous than bright October skies…unless you consider the color of Steve Hurley’s eyes. – Mattie